Alpine Ciff Rescue

He has 40 year history with the Alpine world Chris Prudden is a mountaineering enthusiast, professional Guide and instructor and Alpine Cliff Rescue leader.

He became part of New Zealands land Search and rescue from when he started in the mountain world, to dedicate a lot of time to the outdoors, initially in is home territory of Taranaki and now as a leader with Queenstown Alpine Cliff rescue team.

In dealing with the mountain environment we are faced with many challenges and often critical decision making – sometimes the outcome is not what we intended or a situation we cannot cope with, we are then faced with our only option to preserve health and life – we call for help.

In New Zealand we have an Alpine Cliff Rescue Team network based in critical locations to provide a voluntary rescue service to all persons calling for help be they totally inexperienced individuals or seasoned professionals or recreational enthusiasts.

Each team is a group of very experienced mountaineers and snow safety experts, that train in rescue techniques and methodology.  All manner of mountaineering equipment comes into play in varied environments from forested cliffs to lofty snow bound mountain tops.  The Helicopter is our most valuable Isabel Marant Shoes UK transportation tool for search, access and specialised rescue below the helicopter on winch or strop.

Rescue is often time and weather ‘window’ critical, with the key objective to preserve life and resolve a situation that has gone beyond the control of the people need assistance.  Rescue teams have nothing to gain by approaching any situation ill prepared or confronting risks that are overwhelming, team work and clear defining of logistics is the only path.

Keen to be a rescue volunteer ?  You must have a strong background in the outdoors and have specialised skills in your chosen activity – register with NZ Land SAR and join a local group. Make friends and train to be able to help others in need.

Enjoy the pictures which are an insight to past and present activities with Queenstown ACR.