The exciting anticipation of spending a day on a mountainside and climbing to the summit of a peak is the image that has been well portrayed all around the world in modern times.  From the crucible of the European Alps a culture and style emerged of how to travel in the alpine world.

On discovery of how to do this the next goals were to ascend to the lofty summits to extend the skills of travel and determination to a pinnacle that offered views and a great deal of satisfaction.

The sport and lifestyle of mountaineering grew exponentially and soon the highest and most precipitous summits were climbed.

This historical growth is also a clear analogy for a budding mountaineer deciding how they will start and move into the sport, growing in skills, judgment and experience that will take them to the level or interest that they desire.

Now in New Zealand we are one of the world leaders in generating mountaineering experiences, we have huge range of mountain options from the introductory foot hills and lower peaks to the Southern Alps lofty and testing main divide.  This is a unique environment with plenty of quiet and remote places to embrace your aspirations, either just for the experience of being there or to negotiate a learning curve to independence.

Want to train and learn for the NZOIA pathway to be an Alpine Instructor ? Contact Chris – He has a current decade of teaching and assessment for Alpine 1 & 2.  This pathway will add strength to your personal skill-set and also identify critical judgments to move into the professional arena.

Chris is keen to help if you are keen to utilise his skills and mindset for getting the best from your mountain sport, the journey to independence in an acceptable realm of safety and enjoyment.

Enjoy the photos – past and recent images of mountain environment activities.